How can Witas be of assistance?

An overview of our services in addition to our software.

Witas offers a wide range of services in relation to our software package extending the BIM software Revit. Below is a list divided into four main categories.​

Should you decide not to immediately start yourselves with the available software you can rely on our modeling services. We build the BIM model for you and make it available for various purposes.

Witas provides, as well within your company as in-house, training programs to, among others, implement quickly our Revit Localiser.​

The mere purchase of a software package is obviously not enough. To fully and quickly deploy your initial investment additional support is probably required.

If you, as a manufacturer want your products available to your (potential) customers in accordance with the Revit Standards v2.0  you can always contact us for the development.​

Witas Software & Services

Witas bvba (°1986) has been actively working with BIM and Revit MEP for many years. We place our software and services at the disposal of companies and governments that want to transfer to BIM software. Our history as an engineering agency gives us a unique position to put BIM software on the map of the technical installation industry.

BIM & The Witas Localiser

Building Information Modeling is a concept for cooperation within the construction industry. Working with this concept implies that a virtual building is built which information can be linked to. On the one hand information can be found in the relation between the various components of which the model consists, on the other hand each component itself contains information about its function within a building.

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