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If you, as a manufacturer want your products available to your (potential) customers in accordance with the Revit Standards v2.0  you can always contact us for the development.​​


In Revit families are the building blocks for a model. In contrast to traditional CAD packages these building blocks contain more than just the geometric information. They contain information about various aspects of the object in question. In addition Revit families can be built up parametrically which means that geometrical properties can be changed on the basis of the value attributed to a parameter. For example: the length of an air handler can be adapted by changing the parameter 'length air handler'. The parametric character can be extended with as a result that one family can represent a series of objects. For example, our localiser contains one lighting fixture family that virtually contains all lighting fixtures for offices.They can be created merely by changing some parameters. The great advantage of such a generic family is that any manufacturer-specific component can be created. Of course it is interesting for a user that manufacturer-specific families are handed allowing to select just that component he/she has in mind. In that case he/she doesn't waste any time configuring a generic component with the use of parameters. Manufacturer-specific families can contain items that are not provided in a generic version. Since there is also processing information in families the aspect of language is important. A manufacturer should have his library available in every possible language. It is no longer sufficient to have one cad file. 


If there is a thorough documentation of the components we have sufficient to get started. It is advised to discuss with the manufacturer the level of detail, any additional functions such as maintenance, placement and operation areas and/or material properties to allow photo realistic rendering. We can in most cases, based on this data, make an estimate of the number of hours that will be required in order to create the Revit families. Should this prove to be difficult to estimate, best practice is to choose one representative family as a test case. Once the Revit library has been created in Dutch we provide the manufacturer with an excel containing all the terms to be translated. For each language in which this list has been translated and returned we can generate the required library. To this end, we have developed a plugin for Revit that allows us to automatically translate the library based on the information supplied by the manufacturer in excel.


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Witas Software & Services

Witas bvba (°1986) has been actively working with BIM and Revit MEP for many years. We place our software and services at the disposal of companies and governments that want to transfer to BIM software. Our history as an engineering agency gives us a unique position to put BIM software on the map of the technical installation industry.

BIM & The Witas Localiser

Building Information Modeling is a concept for cooperation within the construction industry. Working with this concept implies that a virtual building is built which information can be linked to. On the one hand information can be found in the relation between the various components of which the model consists, on the other hand each component itself contains information about its function within a building.

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